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Seeing El Cap for the first time is staggering. Some things in nature have power; I think it is easy to see why Native Americans lived in its shadow for thousands of years. At first glance many people don’t notice the climbers, tiny black specks only a kilometre or so away, but who may as well be on another planet.

This cliff has inspired both American and worldwide climbing for over 60 years. It's been the proving ground for generations of climbers, from the first ascents in the 50s, to the cutting edge aid routes of the 70s. In recent years the free climbing revolution started by Lynn Hill in the 90s, all the way to the media circus surrounding Tommy Caldwell’s ascent of the Dawn Wall in 2015. It's also been the reason for, and the testing ground of multiple innovations in climbing gear that have revolutionised the sport - including pitons and cams.

Go to climb it, expect to be challenged and most definitely to suffer, but most of all remember to enjoy yourself. To look up at the stars whilst sleeping on the side of the wall is one of the most magical experiences in this world and one to be thankful for.

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