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Neil Stichbury

Outfitters was created to offer the widest range of Rab® and Lowe Alpine products in the Southern Hemisphere. Situated in Auckland, New Zealand, the shop covers 300 sq meters, all packed with pure Rab® and Lowe Alpine goodness.

We didn’t want it to be just another “concept store”. We wanted Outfitters to offer a fully-rounded outdoor experience and we brought in some other outstanding outdoor brands to complement our Rab and Lowe Alpine ranges.  These include the likes of MSR, Primus, La Sportiva, Leki, Bridgedale, Petzl and Stanley.

When it came to fitting out the store, we wanted people to feel a connection to the outdoors, even in the heart of the city. We used as many natural materials as possible and where we couldn’t find those, our first instinct was always to look for a recycled alternative. We’ve heard the overall effect described as “industrial chic”, but for us it feels closer to the sparse utility of a mountain hut than the style a modern office.

Outfitters-Auckland-logo Outfitters-Auckland-1-2 Outfitters-Auckland-portrait

When we renovated the roof, we used the corrugated tin from the old roof to construct the fitting rooms. The timber ceiling was brought in from renewable pine forests while the shelves are made from renewable Lawson Cypress which emits a fabulous lemon odour. The table tops and frames are built using New Zealand native Totara trees, felled during the 1970’s and completely forgotten about as introduced forests were planted around them. They’re something beautiful with a lot of history behind them so are naturally the perfect accompaniment to our Rab range.

The floor is the original concrete from when it was built as a workshop in the 1940’s with the corresponding stains and patina of age. The racking uses a simple industrial steel piping, sisal rope and re-commissioned wooden beer crates.

Rather than employ a team of tradesmen; the painting, wallpapering and racking construction were all done by the shop staff (with the odd bit of professional help for those jobs that were beyond the skill of our enthusiastic DIYers).

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It’s not all old-fashioned décor though; a large touch screen on a bar leaner takes you to the website and those of the brands stocked in store.

Staffed by a small team led by Gordon, our store manager, we always seem to have at least one British employee who has previously worked selling Rab in the UK.

If you’re in New Zealand drop in and see us at Outfitters, 22 Morrow St, Newmarket.