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Filming in the winter is never easy. It’s already a challenge looking after yourself and those around you, so when you throw a film shoot in to the mix you have to factor a lot more in to the equation. Earlier this year we went up to Glen Coe to make a short film about Matt and Alan Sharman, a father and son who have an incredibly strong relationship that was formed in the mountains.

[vimeo 138841409]

Aiming high in terms of production value, we carried a Sony FS7 as our primary camera which is not insignificant when it comes to weight, but the piece of kit that added the most pressure was a DJI S900 drone. Drones have changed the way we make films in the mountains, and we’re able to capture footage that was in no way possible before.

[caption id="attachment_23551" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Adrian operating the Sony FS7 Adrian operating the Sony FS7[/caption]

They come in all shapes and sizes and do a variety of things, but in order to get the footage that we wanted on this particular shoot we knew we were going to have to take something bigger than the rigs you can buy off the shelf. As ever, this caused a number of headaches, but it all came good in the end.

[vimeo 136730480]

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