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... and that’s certainly what we got from Rab fan Andy Arnold.

From 7-27 February he was a member of an expedition with the ambitious aim of trekking through the Thorung La Pass in The Himalayas. The Thorung La Pass is the highest pass in the World at 5419m and the conditions in mid-February ranged from 20°C heat at the lower levels right up to -15°C in the early mornings at altitude, varied to say the least.

“I have used Rab kit for a long time but never in such severe conditions and having been continuously impressed throughout the trip with its robustness, comfort and 'weatherability' I can assure you that I will continue to do so for many years to come! I can honestly say that at no point was I left short in any regard by the gear and for that I am truly grateful; I am convinced that the success of the expedition when other expeditions were turning back was directly linked to the quality of the clothing and equipment I carried throughout!”

Thanks Andy and we’re glad the kit did its job.