So, I arrived on Sunday, on Monday I moved to a friends workshop (walled tent) out in the sticks, and have been training since.  My first session was on Tuesday - just shy of 30 miles, -40C and a strong wind and snow.  Since then it's been warming up - -25C yesterday and -20C today.

I'm here to see if I can be the first person to finish the 430-mile Yukon Arctic Ultra three times.  This time the idea is to use the race as final preparation for an expedition in the Arctic immediately afterwards.

As it is, the race this year is shaping up to be particularly challenging - there is the biggest number of competitors and the trail conditions will be the toughest I have experienced during the first day of the race.  Despite an unusually cold winter, the race will start with temperatures of around -4C, which means the trail will be soft and churned up, making progress especially difficult.  In addition, a high amount of snowfall has meant the trails have been filled-in due to the wind, and there is a chance this will be the case on the race route too, particularly along the race and river sections.

My plan had been to do the race in 7-9 days, but this is currently looking extremely challenging.  The temperatures will drop, and moreso further north, meaning trail conditions should improve during the race.