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Since September, I have been trying to juggle, 3rd Year of uni, and getting out climbing as much as possible, from Lincoln! Inevitably this has meant travelling over to the Peak as often as possible, as it is the nearest area to climb from Lincoln. It’s been pretty good, but I am still very much a grit newbie, transferring from mainly climbing limestone sport to grit bouldering, has been harder than I thought it would be!

So there haven’t been any big achievements, but I have been really enjoying trying new things and getting out to new places with really lovely people showing Adrian and I about.

I have found that mainly bouldering has made me stronger, although there is still a long way to go! So I’m really looking forward to continuing this and getting back on sport routes this summer, hopefully the added strength will help.

Christmas and New Year was my first big break, having 4 weeks of Uni since the summer. I was hoping on getting loads of climbing done, admittedly I did have to fit quite a lot of revision and assignments in to the time too. Climbing did come first in the first 3 weeks of the break though. Unfortunately, we did not have as good weather as I had hoped for. I’m sure many people felt the same!

In the first week off, I spent a week in Sheffield and had planned to get out on the Peak every day. Unfortunately the weather was bad pretty much every day we were there! We did find a some dry-ish places on a few days, despite the rain. To my surprise, my favourite day was when I tried Weedkiller Traverse, a font 7b boulder problem at Raven Tor, in the pouring rain. Luckily it was dry, but roofs aren’t usually my thing. I really enjoyed it and did much better than I was expecting. It is definitely something I’m looking forward to getting back on.

We went to Fontainbleau for the week after Christmas and unfortunately experienced fairly similar weather! I had only been once before, about 4 years ago so and was so excited about going again. We got a couple of good/less damp days at the beginning of the week, we had a great time but I did spend a lot of time slipping off. My footwork is still getting used to all this smeary climbing but it was great to get out and try new things though. Unfortunately the rest of the time was very wet and we became pros at the board game Articulate and various card and team building games!

I am back at uni again now, in my last semester before I hopefully graduate! So for now, I am trying to concentrate on getting my dissertation done, and I am only managing to climb once a week, if I’m lucky. I’m itching to get out climbing more and can’t wait to finish so I have the time to really focus on getting better.

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