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Squash Falconer recently set off on a pretty unique expedition. Rather than finding unusual ways to go up (and down) mountains, she took to the roads of Western Europe on an ElliptiGO with a trailer for supplies, aiming to cover 3000 miles. Squash's team mate Dave Cornthwaite came up with the idea to do the journey as part of his Expedition 1000 project - a project that will see him do 25 journeys of 1000miles or more on non motorised transport.

[caption id="attachment_5370" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Squash in Holland on the Go Trek ©Kamil Tamiola Squash in Holland on the Go Trek ©Kamil Tamiola[/caption]

The Go Trek was aiming to share and encourage adventure, to inspire more people to say yes to their own goals and also to raise £3000 for CoppaFeel! - a breast cancer awareness charity that finds creative ways to educate young people about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

The pair set off on their ElliptiGOs, a cross between a bicycle and a cross trainer, from Everton football club on 30th of April. They crossed the Channel to the Netherlands via Hartwich (via Brighton!), made their way through Germany and Switzerland before stopping at the Côte d’Azur, travelling back up through France to finish in Paris.

[caption id="attachment_5371" align="aligncenter" width="399"]Squash in Holland on the Go Trek ©Kamil Tamiola Squash in Holland on the Go Trek ©Kamil Tamiola[/caption]

Unfortunately Dave had to pull out after 2000 miles after sustaining an injury while lifting something when he wasn't ElliptiGO'ing, but the public were encouraged to say hello to the team throughout, hosting and providing meals, so Squash was never far from a friendly face. In fact the team got involved in all sorts of unusual events along the way.

After over two months on the road, Squash rode into Paris, having covered 3074 miles, a world record for the longest journey by ElliptiGO! Scientifically proven to require up to 33% more effort to use than a standard bicycle, we look forward to seeing what Squash gets up to next in the mountains with all that fitness.

The Go Trek in numbers

  • 3074 miles covered
  • 67 days taken
  • 9 rest days
  • 9 days of over 100 miles
  • 129 miles covered on the longest day

Squash tells us that chocolate and her prototype Cohort Jacket (available this autumn) proved invaluable on the trip.

You can read more about Squash on her Rab Professionals page.