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On Thursday myself , Dave and Sean headed up to the CIC Cascades for me to get on the V/5 and for Dave to check out another line and Sean was there for photos. The line has been on my list for a wee while so I was keen to get it done. When we arrived it seemed to be running a fair bit but with some encouragement from Dave I got on it. It wasn't long till I was involved in the climbing and getting soaked from the melt water but thanks to Rab who have made up a 'muff' to go over my ice axe I continued to have feeling in my left hand which was a novelty for me. It's such a simple thing that most folk wont even think twice about but after 12 years of wearing nowt but a liner glove to winter climb with it makes a huge difference to me!

Dave and I scoping the route. You can see the muff on my axe! Pic-Sean Bell
As I reached the halfway point I found some respite for my ankle in a wee cave but standing in a cave next to icicles started giving me bad memories from the fall so I had a word with myself and got out as quickly as possible and continued climbing.
In the cave battling the vivid memories-Pic-Sean Bell
The route was one of the best pitches of ice I've ever climbed. Felt really happy on it, I think all the practice I get working at the Ice Factor has really helped.
Happier after leaving the cave to my right-Pic-Sean Bell
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