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The Rab Mountain Marathon is fast approaching and this year we expect the event to be better than ever. Since it first started, the event has always been known as the friendly mountain marathon with hardened veterans running shoulder to shoulder with first timers. It has always been kept small to maintain the atmosphere and allow the race to access areas which bigger numbers would be turned down for.

As ever, there are two difficulties (based on how many hours you want to compete for) and final points awarded are based on how many checkpoints you successfully visit in the allotted time. So you are free to be extremely ambitious or plan more modest goals. Between the two days of racing is an overnight camp in the hills, in a location only revealed after the race has started.

The trailer for this year's race gives an idea of the fantastic terrain you will be covering:

[youtube 5gOxKIsJqLk]

The Rab Mountain Marathon has taken place in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK and this year is no exception. For 2015 the event returns to Snowdonia, though this time the other side of the Carneddau - keeping the track record of a new location every year intact.

Race organiser Shane Ohly of Ourea Events reveals the location:

[youtube LgfaA-FAJc0]

The race runs from September 26th-27th, but here is still time to enter. The race is capped at 600, so make sure to get your entry in by the 21st September.

Once you've entered why not see if you can share a lift with a competitor -

See you there!