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Back in southwest... and first weekend already in the mountains :-)

There is a mountain festival in Pombie's refuge, at the bottom of “Ossau” peak : let’s go climbing...

We wanted to climb the “Ravier” route, in the north face of Ossau, right on the “Embarradère” pillar. A mythical route on the face. Climbers meet.. .we decide to start early, so as to be the first climbers on the face.

3 hours approach later, we are alone, with the wind, the cold and the rock… weather forecast gave low temperatures, but they always make mistakes! :-)

First pitch to a bench, it's so cold... unbearable to put our climbing shoes !! I climb the 3 first pitches with the ”Phantom grip” gloves, but from 6B, I had to climb without and it was excruciating...

Nevertheless, the rock is good, fantastic colours : yellow and red lichen everywhere

I try to manage the pitches, not easy with approach shoes... and had a big fall on a friend where I touched down right next to my belayer...

17H, we are at the top of the route...always nobody on the face, I love loneliness

One hour ridge climbing to the top of Ossau and two hours descent to the refuge… we were walking and climbing since 16H00.. it's time to drink a beer :-)

A few hours later, we are drunk and the party didn't take to the end of the night.

Cold cold day, probably on the top three coldest climb of my life... but thanks RAB for the  gear :-)

And mainly my first multipitches route in shoes !!

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