The latest from our sponsored climber Leopoldo Faria.

"I spent the last week of 2011 fighting again with my project at Sagres, but nothing new happened!

The truth is I don’t have much experience in this kind of difficulty, especially in such a bouldery route, with hard balancy moves where you have to be 100% precise. So, I thought I was very close to do it, and maybe I am, but close it’s just not enough!

For the last three months I tried the route almost every week, falling over and over again, just two moves from success, but it’s hard to keep motivated when you don’t see any progression, and you just keep falling on exactly the same move. I would say, that the last maybe thirty tries, I didn’t progress not even a centimeter. GGGRRRR…

I guess I just have to get stronger, so I decided to have a break and do some bouldering. Sintra forest was for me, my first contact with bouldering was there, because it’s so near to Lisbon I remember I went there a lot when I was 16. Sometimes I even went there before the classes start, like 7:00 am. At that time, Sintra was a great place to boulder, with two main sectors and with dozens of incredible lines. But today, Sintra it’s a super developed area, with thousands of opened lines from rough granite to almost sandstone rock… It’s like a perfect gym!"

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