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Gaiters may not be the sexiest bit of kit you’ll own but if you’re looking for a pair, check out our Latok Alpine Gaiters, Trail magazine have just given them a ‘best in test’.

Designed for mountain walking and alpine climbing ,this gaiter... features a 3-layer stretch eVent fabric. The stretch element allows them to provide a snug fit, which is comfortable while not restricting calf muscle flex. The use of eVent limits condensation build-up well. There's also a nice big chunk of Cordura on the ankle to prevent wear and tear trashing this area of the gaiter. The stirrup is a chunky rubberised strap that you adjust to length via Velcro attachments inside the gaiter, which makes the outside very clean so you are less likely to catch a crampon on it. If these straps ever broke you could attach cord through the reinforced eyelets in the gaiter. With the Latok Alpine Rab has chosen to use a Velcro closure without a zip up the front with press studs at the top. I prefer a zip-up closure generally, but many people do like Velcro, and of the Velcro designs around this gaiter's closure is definitely easier to fit and adjust than most. The top drawcord toggle is tucked away at the back and some reflective trim is provided so your mate can more easily follow your footsteps on a night descent, which is a thoughtful touch.

A very comfortable gaiter thanks to stretch eVent fabric, and ideal for the hill walker if you prefer a Velcro and press stud closure to a zip closure.

There were no perfect gaiters in this test but the Rab Latok Alpine ticks more boxes than most and so its all-round performance just nudges it ahead of the competition. It comes in three sizes and is a slightly shorter length than most. The main opening is a Velcro design which is not my favourite as I would prefer a zip closure but this works pretty well. There is a press stud at the top of the Velcro however it is placed off to the side and this combined with the shorter length means it is not as uncomfortable when kneeling down as some others. The underfoot stirrup is adjusted inside the gaiter which I like as once adjusted it keeps the out side clean and tidy so you are less likely to trip. There is good abrasion resistance too. It's made from eVent fabric so is very breathable and it is generally a neat and comfortable gaiter for hill walkers to wear while also being of use when wearing crampons as it is neat enough to prevent crampon spikes from easily snagging on the material. In terms of price it costs significantly less than most of its rivals which makes it good value too.

Trail Magazine April 2012