It’s been such a tremendous few weeks, it’s difficult to know where to start. Some real top drawer new routes on a new part of a cliff close to home. Three days in the ‘Coe, with three outstanding adventures with great people and all in glorious weather. Then on Monday just passed, one of the real cherished prizes on the most impressive section of my local church – Lochnagar. A little bit of competition can be a great motivator. And best of all, perhaps, is not what’s been climbed but what’s been discovered for the future! I’ve been looking for something quite specific over the last couple of season’s – not particularly hard it has to be said – and I’ve found it, for sure. This is what I love about exploratory climbing the most – it’s a constant re-birthing process, a dream factory, a rich seam of inspiration.

Once again, the old man (Bullock) finds himself in a serious spot on Satyr (IX) - glad it wasn't me for a change!

Being motivated and enthusiastic and excited about the future is to me the ultimate goal in life, no matter how you get your kicks. If I could share anything about climbing with my non-climbing family and friends it would surely be this. My wee Finn has his friends for a sleep-over and he can’t get to sleep. I spy a crazy new possibility for a wild winter climbing adventure and I’m in the same boat. Just basic, childish, uncontained excitement. It’s the ultimate drug and the ultimate high. I’ve put a few pics from the last couple of weeks up here - enjoy; I certainly did!

You’re not getting to see the project though :-)

The Macpherson machine boldly goes where a few have been before on The duel (IX). We were told by a couple of folk this pitch wasn't bad. On this occasion Pete's first real protection was by his feet in this photo - a very long way out

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