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Last month while walking in search of something new, something good, something that motivated me to grab a drill, I came across a beautiful lost valley in the middle of villages where time seems to stand still.

The wall wasn’t that big and the possibilities weren’t endless, but get to an untouched wall and have the opportunity to just throw your rope and set new lines, it’s just an incredible feeling. So I went home, grabbed all the stuff that I would need and went there!

With the company of a couple of climber friends, we ended up staying a week opening and climbing on 15 new routes. The place it’s definitely not a Mecca, but it’s a really calm place where you can enjoy the warm winter days.

The best surprise was reserved for the weekend, when a bunch of friends joined us to check out the new place, it was really great to have almost 20 friends together climbing and partying spontaneously.

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