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The latest from our sponsored professional Pedro Cifuentes

"I am back at home, very happy and satisfied with my expedition.

Things began quite in a mess. More or less one week before my flight, I got to know that there was a fire in the Parque Nacional de la Torres del Paine. I knew the news through the media and through some of my friends in Chile. I did not know if I was going to be able to enter the Park and of course, if I could climb. It was frustrating. The Park means a lot to me, I have been there quite a few times, I know it very well and I have some very good friends living there, so emotionally, it was hard. Days went by and I decided to fly, although the Park was still closed and I did not know what I was going to find there. I had been working very hard for my project!

I arrived there and introduced myself to the person in charge. I told him that I was a fireman in Madrid and that I wanted to help. Firemen there are only volunteers so, he said YES. We were working there for three days and when everything finished, they gave me my climbing pass and some horses to my disposition to carry all my stuff to my base camp.

It took me 2 days to climb the North Tower, the weather was cold but sunny and I enjoyed it a lot. I have some very good pictures of those days. The first Tower was done. Then, the weather changed quickly and I was waiting in the Tower for another 2 days. It was very cold, I guess around -30ºC. My clothes are comfortable at -20ºC and I was frozen, so I decided to go down. I could not find my boots at the base of the Tower so I had to walk for 5 hours to my base camp in my climbing shoes!!! Terrible experience! The weather was so bad, I decided to go to Puerto Natales to get some more food and to recover myself.

Three days later, I went back to the Towers. I spent 10 days there but the weather was so bad, mainly because of the wind, as usual in this Park, that I decided to return to Puerto Natales to have a rest, eat properly and take the cold and dampness out of my body.

Some days later, back in the Towers again, it was so cold and windy that a week later I decided to pack all my stuff, even everything I had in the base camp and return to Puerto Natales.

It was very hard and frustrating for me. I had been training the whole year for my expedition. I was ready for almost everything but not for waiting and doing almost nothing because of the weather. I am not the type of person who resigns so I decided to do something different. I was there and I was going to make the most of Patagonia. Change of plans: Ice climbing in glaciers.

This was amazing and really enjoyable. I also have some beautiful photos in the astonishing glaciers!!!

Some days later, as I was still there, I got a phone call from a friend informing me about the possibility of 4 good days in the Towers. So, I packed again with the craving still in my mind towards "my" Towers.

The first 2 days were bad, but the third day was nice and I began to climb. I decided to climb the South Tower. I did 18 pitches that day. The night was terrible. It was raining, cold and windy. The following day was cloudy and although there were only 3 pitches to reach the peak, I decided to finish my adventure. I could notice in the atmosphere the winter had arrived at the Towers.

And then back to Puerto Natales, where I began my return trip home.

And this is it, this is my expedition. Although, it was not possible for me to fulfil my dream, I am satisfied. I did everything I could. I enjoyed with my equipment and material the experience and I know this project has not ended yet. I know the Expedition of the Three Towers is still waiting for me...

Thank you very much for your trust and support. "

Pedro Cifuentes

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