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Even though cardio/interval training and strength workouts at the gym are probably the most efficient and effective way of achieving the goals of climbing Everest, enjoying your workouts is just as important. When you have fun things to motivate you it's more likely that you keep on track and continue training.

That's one reason I came to Chamonix, there's all kinds of things to do here, like rock climbing, ice climbing, snow shoeing, hiking, cycling, and if you really don't feel like exercising, there's always skiing! cross country, touring and alpine are a few choices.

I've wanted to do a ski season in Chamonix since I was a child and coming here for the winter has certainly lived up to expectations. With lots of snow this year there was plenty of time to explore the world famous resort and off piste possibilities and at the same time get a great workout and learn some new sports too.

Ski touring can be one of the most enjoyable and physically demanding sports you can do. With the help of skins stuck to the bottom of your ski you can make your way up mountains and off piste to place you can't get to with a  ski lift. There are no restrictions except your stamina and mountaineering abilities. Once it gets too steep to skin up a hill, you just strap your skis to your pack and continue up and over as many mountains as you want.  On top of this great workout you get to ski down the other side, often in powder which is still fresh days ofter its been tracked out near any piste.

The similarity of ski touring to climbing mountains and exploring pristine areas makes it far more enjoyable than making a trip to the gym everyday. And the fact that it doesn't feel like exercise lets 'work out' far longer than doing routine exercises. That doesn't mean its all easy though. The more you want to get out of it, the harder you have to push, as with everything. Skinning uphill between 500 and 1000 meters an hour will hopefully get you into 'Everest shape'!

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