In 6 months time Daniel Hughes will be on a journey to the top of the world, to raise £1 million in support of Comic Relief. Here’s the latest article to appear in the press about him from Cycling Active magazine.
Daniel Hughes
Age: 32
Lives: London
Rides: Specialized Tarmac Comp
Job: Airline pilot

In a nutshell, I’m trying to get onemillion people to donate £1 each by pushing myself to the limit to put the red nose on Everest for the first time. Fitness is going to play a huge part in my climb to reach the top of Everest. Imagine walking up a staircase for 10hrs but taking only one in three breaths. My bike is playing a big part in my aerobic and leg strength training, and it’s also how I bomb around London to all the Everest Million meetings too.

Cycling has always been a big part of my life; I love the freedom, the speed, the passion within the community and of course the fitness element. I’m very lucky to have HTC as my lead sponsor. I’m also really fortunate to have others supporting me such as Nike, Gatorade, Specialized, the BBC, Coldplay, Rab, Deep, Inmarsat, Peer1hosting and lots more.
Flying is the best job and worst job in the world. No day is sacred — 365 days a year — and I’m not a big fan of getting up at 4am. However, going to work so early allows me to train in the afternoons. I try to vary my training from running, cycling, staircase running (some of the hotels I stay in have 30 floors), strength training and more. Ultimately, I guess I’m trying to achieve exceptional all-round fitness. The Etape Cymru was the perfect fit for my training. It’s the hardest closedroad sportive going and an event where other Everest Million supporters could join me. Being a big fan of cycling too, it had to be done!
How will it compare to Everest? Well, Everest, like the Etape, is a feat of endurance, physical conditioning and aerobic fitness. At the moment, I can only imagine what it’ll be like, but you’ll be able
to find out exactly what it’s like once I’m on Everest via and by following @everestmillion on Twitter.
Go to to donate and join the Everest Million.