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Climbing solo and unsupported Pedro Cifuentes has become the first climber to traverse the three Torres Del Paine in Patagonia. Climbers in Patagonia have to endure some of the world’s harshest weather with frequent storms and infamous high winds, and completing such a long, technical and committing climb is a major first in the development of Patagonian climbing. After 29 days on the wall and more than a thousand meters of climbing, Pedro successfully descended to base camp - exhausted but triumphant!

Vias-de-escalada 3His extreme perseverance and tremendous climbing skill saw him ascend the North Tower via EspÍritu Libre, the Central Tower via the Bonington-Whillans route and the South Tower by the Aste route.

During his climb, Pedro was tent-bound by a fierce storm for 8 days. Instead of descending, Pedro waited out the storm in the gully between Central Tower and South Tower.

Finding enough snow for drinking water while he waited was a major challenge, as was rationing his rapidly shrinking food supply.

Pedro came very close to losing his life several times on his descent of the notorious Hoth route. Rock fall was a constant danger and it was only down to Pedro’s skill (and a little luck!) that he came out of this expedition unscathed.

Pedro sent us a message as soon as he arrived at basecamp ‘ I am writing to thank you for all your support and to congratulate you on your Rab clothing which has been incredible’.

This is a massive accomplishment and everyone at Rab® is in awe of Pedro’s achievement - he is a great guy and has worked so hard for this - we are deeply proud that Pedro chooses to wear Rab® for his expeditions’.

- Nikki Skinner, Marketing Manager for Rab®