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As most people seem to say, Everest is not a technical mountain, basic climbing skills and a good pair of lungs will get you to the top. It’s obviously good to be technically capable though, so you can concentrate on just keeping your body moving at high altitude. The easier you find the technical parts such as the Hillary Step, the easier it will be both physically and mentally.

My decision to climb Everest really only came after climbing the Matterhorn in September. I knew then that I likely wouldn't have any problem with the harder parts of Everest and it gave me the confidence to go ahead with the big one!

Even so, I'm still no great technical climber so I thought a crash course in ice climbing would be a big help too. Making my first attempts at ice on grade 4 and 5 ice falls, was a bit too scary, and probably not the best place to begin! but I did learn a lot, and hopefully when I get to the Hillary Step it won’t be too intimidating, even at over 8000m!

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