To celebrate Mother’s day, we wanted to celebrate one of the most inspiring mothers we know. A pioneering mountain guide and mother of two, Libby Peter is a source of inspiration for a multitude of reasons.

One of the UK’s first female mountain guides, Libby didn’t set out to become a climber any more than she started her life focused on becoming a mother, but both vocations have informed her experience in remarkable ways. In the award-winning film ‘Devotion’ from Coldhouse Collective and Rab, Libby discusses how both the experience of becoming a mountain guide and the challenge of raising two daughters have both contributed to making her who she is.

While the outdoors has remained a constant source of calm and contentedness throughout her life, Libby has also learned that joy can be found in embracing the unexpected, the road less travelled and the life less ordinary.

Watch her film ‘Devotion’ below.