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Infographic with 4 coloured threads, detailing key milestones and goals until 2030Infographic with 4 coloured threads, detailing key milestones and goals until 2030

Our 2022 Carbon Emissions

Carbon Emissions graphic broken down by Scope 1-3Carbon Emissions graphic broken down by Scope 1-3

We’re aligned with the Science-Based Targets Methodology

This means working to limit global warming to a max of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

By 2024

100% renewable energy in global owned and leased facilities

Current progress

89% of our sites were powered by renewable energy

By 2025

100% renewable or recycled packaging materials

Current progress

All polybags contain 50% recycled materials. Beginning increase to 70%

UK, US eradicated polybags from ‘direct to consumer’ shipping. Expanding to Europe in 2022

All paper shipping bags and cardboard shipping cartons are 100% recycled materials

Plastic packaging tape replaced with paper gummed tape

Source 75% of our production volume from manufacturing partners with ambitious targets to reduce their carbon impact

Current progress

Net Zero by 2030 ambition communicated to all Tier 1 manufacturing partners

59% of our Tier 1 production has been self-assessed by Higg FEM

7% of production volume already comes from manufacturing sites with renewable energy capability.

By 2030

50% of all fabrics sourced will contain 100% renewable or recycled materials

Current progress

In 2022 we bought more recycled fabric than virgin fabric

- 66% of our fabric was made from recycled materials

- 46% of our down was 100% recycled

Our current focus is on reducing our impact in the following areas

Minimising Air Freight

Agreeing activity and targets with our manufacturing partners

Continuing with product and material design improvements

Climate Neutral Certification

We purchase high-quality, certified carbon credits to balance our verified carbon footprint each year through a process called offsetting.

This is facilitated through our partner South Pole. To achieve the Climate Neutral Label we must follow the steps outlined below.

*We compensate by supporting high-quality carbon action projects. South Pole defines high-quality carbon action credits as those that are certified under ICROA-endorsed standards such as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or Gold Standard (GS). Our 2023 projects can be viewed here.