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Chris Fisher is a mountain athlete from the flatlands of Dallas, Texas. Throughout his childhood he was fortunate enough to go on family ski trips to Colorado. Ever since his first time in the mountains, he knew he would one day call them home. He spent some time in the US Navy in pursuit of becoming a Navy Seal, but his attempt ended during hell week when he rang the bell. That shifted his perspective on challenge, and he began pushing both his physical and mental limits in the mountains of Colorado.

Since living in Colorado he’s ran several marathons, climbed countless peaks, skied off the summits of towering mountains and in October of 2021, broke a World Record for most vertical gain on foot in one month, covering over 400k feet. While running around the mountains during the warmer months and checking out the tops of new mountains is one of his biggest passions, he also loves to explore new backcountry lines during the winter. Powder and big mountains are where he thrives and where he is happiest.

Chris does hard things to challenge himself and of course to inspire others that they can do hard things too, if they put their minds to it. His mantra: “To the Top!”

Photo Credit: @f4dstudio @gabriel_rovick

Notable Ascents

  • Pura Pura (5.14c), Orco - first ascent

  •  Century Crack (5.14b), Canyonlands - first ascent

  • Cobra Crack (5.14b), Squamish

  • Dinas Crac (E9 7a), Dinas Rock - first ascent

  • Captain Invincible (E9 7a), Burbage North - third ascent

  • Pure Now (E9 6c), Millstone - first ascent

  • Appointment with Death (E9 6c), Wimberry - second ascent

  • Muir-Corazon (5.13b), El Capitan - free ascent

  • World record for most routes soloed in a day - 550

  • One Infinity(8b+/8A+), Sally-in-the-woods - first ascent

  • Master's Edge (E7 6b), Millstone - multiple birthday ascents in fancy dress