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Having explored the Canadian North in numerous races and solo expeditions, Mark Hines returned to the Yukon this year, this time to explore the region by bike. His plan – to connect the Arctic to the Pacific Ocean – would see him travel first through the Yukon Territories and then on into British Columbia.

Mark’s trip started in Inuvik where he awaited the opening of the ice road along which he would begin his long journey South. The original plan, to cycle all the way down to Vancouver in a single push, sadly did not come to pass, but as Mark says, this did have its upsides.

“Along the 180-ish km of ice road I enjoyed support from local drivers on errands between the two towns. They would stop to check-up on me, to pass me food and drinks, and to take photos. It was wonderful.

The route south taunted and plagued my progress with a mean headwind, but with consistent daily progress and the start of spring weather there was little to dampen my spirits much. Nights were spent on spruce mattresses over dry ground, with Northern Lights dancing in the skies above…

Melancholy joins me towards the end of the ride, as I live for the experience of the journey and the end is cause for a low rather than a high.”

His journey eventually came to an end in Whitehorse and plans are already in the works for a return next Winter. We can only hope that Mark’s return to Canada is as challenging and idyllic as this trip.

You can follow Mark Hines via his Twitter, Facebook or his website.

Winter 2017 would not have been the same without a return to Canada’s North. I fell in love with the Yukon Territory on my first visit in 2009, and it is a love that has only grown with time…

The Universe conspired against me by inducing delays then forcing me to endure one of the greatest journeys of my life.

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