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Krister is a highly unique snowboard athlete from northern Norway who is dedicated to exploring big mountains, climbing steep lines and riding them back down. 

Growing up in the town of Tromsø, where winter lasts nine months, Krister started snowboarding at the age of five and spent nearly every afternoon and weekend in the local lift system riding side-hits and practicing his 360s.

As he got older, Krister realised that there was far more to the sport than only hitting big kickers and riding fast in the slopes. He found himself increasingly attracted to the combination of alpinism and snowboarding, and now spends most of his time in the mountains in pursuit of demanding lines.

His ever-growing passion for exploring alpine terrain and riding untracked couloirs has taken Krister to the wildest places, and also led to appearances in a large number of film projects.

When he’s not riding his board, Krister can still be found outside running, climbing, cycling, doing strength training or whatever feels good for the body and mind.

Notable Descents

  • Ukkonen couloir in the Lyngen Alps  - first descent
  • Hullu Poro couloir in the Lyngen Alps - first descent
  • Variation of Store Lakselvtinden North side - first descent
  • Mallroy line in the Lyngen Alps - first snowboard descent
  • Swift couloir in the Lyngen Alps
  • Traversing the highest peak (Jiehkkevarri) in Troms trough the south ridge and descending the northwest couloir.
  • Valparaiso couloir in the Lyngen Alps
  • Instekongen couloir on Senja island