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Protecting factory workers' rights as Fair Wear Leaders | The Rab Mountain Manifesto is launchedProtecting factory workers' rights as Fair Wear Leaders | The Rab Mountain Manifesto is launched

Our 2024 highlights

821 employee volunteer hours, 11.4% increase from last year.

£4,000 raised for Hike Bike Paddle, by 15 Equip employees.

24 pupils supported through Outward Bound Trust with two employee ambassadors.

Our values are the foundation of everything we do and how we act. 

Our passion for the outdoors and adventurous spirit encourages our teams to thrive and be part of our success. 


We take pride in building a team that’s diverse, inclusive, and passionate about the outdoors.  Crafting high-performance apparel and equipment is no small feat. It takes teamwork, continuous personal growth, and expert knowledge of the activities we design gear for.  

That’s why we squeeze a full working week into 4.5 days, spending our Friday afternoons in the hills with ropes, boots, bikes, and friends.

Our 2023 GHG Emissions.


In September 2023, our employees raised over £4,000 for the Youth Adventure Trust.

The Youth Adventure Trust uses outdoor adventure and one-to-one support to empower vulnerable young people, aged 11-16, to fulfil their potential and lead positive lives in the future.  

They work with them to build resilience, develop confidence, and learn skills that will last a lifetime, helping them to face the challenges in their lives.  

15 employees from various roles across the business came together for months of fundraising to take on the epic Hike Bike Paddle challenge.  

Navigating some tricky, boggy terrain and gale force winds in the face of Storm Agnes, our three determined teams managed to complete…

We’ve saved 4.45 tonnes of polybags from going to landfill since SS21, equating to 300,000 polybags.


The Peak District is our home, our playground, and where Rab started. 

As Gold Peak Partners with the Peak District National Park Foundation, we’re proud to utilise some of our volunteering days protecting and connecting with the outdoor spaces we call home. All of our employees are entitled to two paid volunteer days per calendar year. 

Rab came out volunteering with the Peak District National Park twice in 2023. Their contributions and great teamwork supported vital nature restoration work, helped maintain public access in the Park, and gave our staff a fun day out with happy and friendly folk to boot.Rob Kenning, Volunteer & Communities Team Leader (PPCV).

Our employees also volunteer at a local outdoor education centre close to our hearts, and head office.

Dukes Barn actively seeks to offer inclusive outdoor experiences for children with diverse needs including Autism, Asperger’s and Down’s Syndrome, hearing or sight impairment, and physical disabilities including wheelchair users. They also focus on primary and secondary school children from inner city areas and from disadvantaged backgrounds.   

In 2023, we sent employee volunteers to support some of the ongoing grounds maintenance throughout the seasons. We regularly raise funds for the centre with multiple activities including our annual ‘cycle to work month’ and our employee summer social event held on-site. Alongside this, one of our senior team is a volunteer Trustee for the centre. They support with time, skills, energy and (more often than not) a car full of apparel and packs for use by the centre staff and visitors. 

Our 2023 GHG Emissions.


Tupande Pamoja – Let’s Climb Together

Through our partnership with the Global Climbing Initiative, we supported Climbing Life Kenya in creating an inspiring mentorship programme, uniting passionate climbers, dedicated mentors, and eager volunteers to build a community of climbers in Nairobi.  

With SPI training provided by Colorado Mountain School, we hoped to grow confidence and skills that could be passed down for years to come. Joining the project was our athlete Marcus Garcia, a seasoned coach and mentor, who shared his valuable insight and passion for climbing with the group

We’ve saved 4.45 tonnes of polybags from going to landfill since SS21, equating to 300,000 polybags.

All In Ice Fest

Once again Rab supported the All In Ice Festival annual gathering held in January 2024. The festival is centred around the experience of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQIA2S+ communities, and adaptive climbers. This is a platform to focus on marginalised groups and create opportunities to develop as climbers.  

“Rab played a key role in ensuring accessibility for all—whether participants were returning with a full kit or partaking for the first time and in need of gear. What sets All In apart becomes evident as you step into its midst. The organizers craft an intentional, vulnerable, and safe space—fostering an environment where participants can not only learn and grow, but also connect authentically with their peers.”  

Noorjahan Moloo, US Brand Store Associate 


In 2023 we celebrated four years of partnership with educational charity, The Outward Bound Trust (OBT).

OBT works with schools, colleges, employers and youth groups to inspire young people to feel confident in the outdoors – and in themselves.   

The partnership between Rab and OBT builds on shared values and a desire to introduce even more young people to the outdoors. Working together, we can provide young people with powerful, lasting experiences in nature, while teaching them how to behave responsibly and sustainably in wild spaces. 

In early 2023, we supported the OBT to work with the David Nieper Academy, a local school close to our head office. We sponsored a residential course for 24 year 8 pupils. 

The group was based at Ogwen Cottage in the Ogwen Valley, North Wales. Surrounded by the snow-capped mountains of Snowdonia, the young people tackled outdoor challenges, including scrambling, abseiling, canoeing, hiking, camping and orienteering. 

“I loved camping. Sitting in the middle of nowhere, getting my own water, cooking my own food. I loved making my own shelter, too. It was a special feeling, just being ‘you’.”
“We had to think for ourselves, too – setting our alarms to wake up in the morning, clearing the tables after breakfast and being ready to learn what we were doing each day.”


You can read more about the trip on Basecamp here

Our employee ambassadors threw themselves into the challenges of mentoring the young people and helping them to realise their potential.

“To me, the partnership between Equip and OBT means that some children are given the chance to work on their real capabilities through outdoor education - an alternative to the classroom that, to some, just isn’t always suited. I was excited to help the students overcome self-doubts, to encourage them to be more than they ever thought possible and to show them there’s way more to life than just a 9-5.” 

Sophia Photakos, Sales Office Administrator

“It was such a rewarding and eye-opening week which has left me inspired to do more to help and facilitate opportunities for young people; it’s so significant what just one week in the Ogwen Valley can do! To see the transformational powers of the outdoors on a group of kids was amazing.”

Anna Proffitt, UK Marketing Coordinator

You can read more about our People highlights in our latest Sustainability Report.