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How to patch repair a waterproof jacket

How to patch repair a waterproof jacket

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Should you manage to rip your jacket while out on adventures here is a simple technique that is hard wearing yet temporary that will see you through until you can get back and then consider sending it to a Rab Service Centre for a permanent fix!  

When applying a patch repair, it’s important that it goes onto a clean surface as possible. Therefore it’s important to try and clean the affected area as much as possible.   

We have a couple of options available for field waterproof repairs, but we know other patches are available. We recommend applying a Rab repair patch of suitable size – a circle is best for this to avoid lifting corners; but any patch is better than none.  

You should try and avoid patching across stitching. Make sure you apply the patch smoothly where possible – using the back of your nail can help with this.  

This should see you through on your adventures, and while patch repairs are great, when you’re back you can consider a permanent solution. The Rab Service Centre is always here to help you keep your garments going for as long as possible.   

In need of some spare patches ahead of your trip? You can purchase patches direct from our website

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