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How to care for your sleeping bag

How to care for your sleeping bag

Caring for your sleeping bag properly is essential to making it last as long as possible. From packing your sleeping bag into its stuff sack whilst out on an adventure, to caring for and storing it correctly once you return home. Here, we share our tips and tricks for getting the most out of your sleeping bag.

The best way to pack your sleeping bag is to stuff it into its stuff sack.

  1. Start by grabbing the bottom of the bag. Starting from the bottom will ensure that any air that's trapped inside the bag manages to escape out of the top.
  2. Continue to grab a handful at a time and stuff it into its bag. Placing the bag between your feet can help with this. With each handful, give a turn of the bag to ensure you stuff evenly.
  3. Continue until all of your sleeping bag is in its stuff sack.
  4. Tighten the top cord or roll down the dry sack and secure any compression straps that the bag might have. Not all bags have these, though, so don't worry if yours doesn't.

Stuff sacks are a great way to carry a sleeping bag, but not ideal for storing them at home. Prolonged storage and stuffing can damage the down in your sleeping bag. So, when storing them at home, we've got a few options:

Storage bags: Always make sure you dry and air out your sleeping bag after you get back from a trip. Make sure no moisture remains in the bag. Always use a breathable storage sack for your sleeping bag. You should never use plastic bags or dry bags for this because any moisture you don't get out can cause mold to grow.

Sleeping bag storage sacks are available on the spare parts section of the RAB website.

Hanging it up: If you've got a storage space, hanging your sleeping bag up over a hanger means it keeps its loft and it's easy to transfer to your bag for your next adventure.

Knowing how to care for your kit is essential to making it last. If you need more help in caring for your sleeping bag, a RAB service center team are here to help.

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