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Lowe Alpine trekking backpacks are built for long-distance trails and heavy loads, so you can plan ambitious, multi-day treks, knowing you will enjoy a stable carry from the first step to the last.

Our men’s trekking backpacks and women’s trekking backpacks feature adjustable back lengths for ultimate carrying comfort. Expedition backpacks such as the Cerro Torre 80:100 and large trekking backpacks such as the Manaslu 65:75 also feature: integrated rain covers; attachments for your axe and walking poles; plus external compression straps and daisy chain attachments, enabling you to carry complex loads with ease and efficiency.

With research-driven female-fit lumbar designs and adjustable carry systems, our women’s trekking backpacks promote natural movement for easier progress on fully loaded treks. Our premium Cerro Torre ND60:80 is the ultimate large-volume women’s expedition backpack, capable of carrying everything you need for the long haul; the expandable Manaslu ND50:65 is a robust and versatile trekking backpack for multi-day adventures.

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  1. Features Zipped base compartment
  1. Features Zipped base compartment

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  1. Black / Greyhound

    Cerro Torre 80:100

    Our biggest load carrier: a premium trekking pack built for demanding terrain.
  2. Dark Olive

    Cerro Torre 65:85

    A premium trekking pack built for demanding terrain. 65+20 litres.
  3. Dark Slate

    Cerro Torre ND60:80

    A premium trekking women's fit pack built for demanding terrain. 60+20 litres.
  4.  Moss / Dark Olive

    Diran 55:65

    A comfortable and stable carry, made for bold and adventurous trips. 55 +10 litres.
  5. Anthracite

    Diran 65:75

    65+10 Litre trekking backpack, ideal for wild camping or traversing high altitude trails.
  6. Anthracite

    Diran 45:55

    A comfortable and stable carry. Ideal for backpacking weekends, short camping trips and overnight travel.
  7. Blueprint

    Diran ND50:60

    Comfortbale and stable 50+10 litre women’s trekking backpack.

  8. Greystone / Iron Grey

    Diran ND60:70

    A 60+10 litre women's trekking backpack, ideal for wild camping.
  9. Blue Print

    Diran ND40:50

    Comfortbale and stable 40+10 litre women’s trekking backpack.