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From a swift half-day to a strenuous thru-hike, Lowe Alpine hiking backpacks deliver ultimate fit, comfort and load support, however many miles you need to cover.

Whether you want a lightweight day pack, women’s fit or a ventilated backpack, these hiking backpacks are built to carry your load with the utmost efficiency. Lightweight, technical and versatile, Lowe Alpine hiking backpacks come with a choice of carry systems: AirZone for pioneering ventilation, comfort and breathability; the Altus Air Contour+ for premium stability and load support; and Aeon multi-activity packs with ultra-light, micro-stretch Flexion technology.

  1. Black

    Cholatse ND30 S M

    All-season 30-litre women's hiking pack for mixed mountain terrain.
  2. Blue Night

    Cholatse 32 M L

    All-season 32-litre day hiking pack for mixed mountain terrain.
  3. Oxide

    Altus 32

    32 litre hiking pack that combines function with fit and ultimate comfort.
  4. Marine

    AirZone Trail 35

    With a ventilated breathable back, this 35 litre backpack will keep you cool and comfortable.
  5. Dark Olive

    AirZone Trail 30

    A great all-round 30 litre hiking backpack with a ventilated back.
  6. Navy

    AirZone Active 22 M

    Lightweight ventilated 22-litre day pack for cool, comfy day hikes.
  7. Auburn

    AirZone Trail 25

    Hiking backpack for easy day hikes and shorter treks. With a ventilated breathable back.
  8. Black

    AirZone Spirit 25 M

    Ventilated commuter day pack for city streets and mountain trails.
  9. Blueprint

    Airzone Trail ND32

    A great all-round 32 litre hiking backpack with a ventilated back. Women's fit.
  10. Raspberry

    AirZone Trail ND28

    A great all-round 28 litre hiking backpack with a ventilated back. Women's fit.
  11. Azure

    Aeon 35

    A 35 litre lightweight, technical day pack that's as versatile as you are.
  12. Anthracite

    Aeon 27

    Lightweight, technical daypack designed to keep you moving.
  13. Azure

    Aeon 22

    A lightweight, technical day pack.
  14. Anthracite

    Aeon ND33

    33 litre lightweight, technical women's day pack.
  15. Lagoon Blue

    Aeon ND25

    A lightweight, technical 25 litre women's day pack.
  16. Golden Palm

    Tensor 23

    A lightweight multi-purpose day pack
  17. Black

    AirZone Z Duo 30

    A versatile 30 litre women's multi-use backpack with a ventilated back.
  18. Black

    AirZone Z 25

    A great choice for day hikes and multi-use. With ventilated back. 25 litre.
  19. Dawn Blue

    AirZone Trail ND24

    A great all-round 24 litre hiking backpack with a ventilated back. Women's fit.