Over the years Rab has worked with some extraordinary athletes. Pushing the limits of their chosen discipline and our gear in all corners of the world, we are continually astonished by, and privileged to witness the achievements and endeavours of this community of motivated, passionate people. Supporting our athletes at the very top of their game allows us to continue to push the boundaries in all forms of climbing, mountaineering and of course product development. You can find out more about our athletes by clicking through to their Athlete Profile pages.

The AMI Test Team

As part of Rab’s commitment to making the best clothing and equipment for the mountains, our test team is made up of members of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI), our brand partners. AMI instructors based in various locations throughout the UK put a selection of Rab gear through rigorous and extended use, designed to test it to it’s limits. They use their expertise and experience of the products to provide detailed feedback on Rab's clothing, equipment and technology.