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Angela VanWiemeersch

Angela grew up in suburban Detroit, which she describes as “wild and raw, a string of epic adventures.” Angela’s curiosity and love for adventure kept her thriving in Detroit, but also kept her mind wandering elsewhere, to bigger adventures.

Cam McLeod is a photographer based in Ogden, Utah. In August last year Cam, along with Rab athlete Angela VanWiemeersch, took a trip to the Matanuska Glacier, Alsaka, to capture some of its amazing texture and landscape. Here Cam takes us through the inspiration behind the trip.

"I met Angela for the first time at the summer Outdoor Retailer show, just two weeks before our trip. A mutual friend, Ari Novak, had recently taken a trip to the Matanuska a month earlier and I was amazed by his photos. I began coordinating with Ari to get back up there and asked if he knew any great ice climbing athletes that would be interested in the trip. He immediately suggested Angela and introduced us while at the OR show. Ari and I gave Angela the hard sell but she loved the idea from the outset. We purchased our tickets on the spot.

The photos I saw from Ari were like none I had seen before. Beautiful glacial rivers flowing below vertical Styrofoam ice and blues more vibrant than I had ever seen. I knew I needed to get back there and try to create stunning imagery of climbers ascending aesthetic features against this picturesque backdrop. That's how I described it to Angela and that was our objective; head to the glacier in search of interesting features and create beautiful imagery. It was that simple."

Photography by Cam McLeod.

Kit used on this trip

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