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As 2016 draws to a close and many of us gather friends and family close to reflect on the year, there is an absence being felt by all of us here at Rab. Earlier this year, Scott Adamson was declared missing on the North face of the Ogre II in Pakistan. After 11 days of heavy snow and severely hampered rescue efforts, the search for Scott and his climbing partner Kyle Dempster was called off. The pair are now declared missing, presumed dead.

Scott had been a member of the Rab team for over two years and it is hard to sum up in words how much he meant to everyone here at Rab. Passionate, talented and invariably psyched, Scott quickly became an integral part of the Rab family, forging close relationships with our Colorado team. A truly singular individual, it is an impossible task to sum up the many ways in which he will be missed.


And so, as we look back on 2016, our thoughts invariably turn to Scott. A climber’s climber who took up the sport at 8 years old and made it his life at 16 when a driver’s license and the great wide open of the American plains beckoned freedom. When we knew Scott, his car had become his home, the old Toyota always close at hand, still providing freedom, but also shelter and easy access to the lifestyle he loved.

Zion became Scott’s proving ground and from early aid ascents, he progressed quickly to classic rock routes and, ever hungry for exploration and the thrill of the new, he was key amongst the climbers developing Zion’s ice climbing routes. These, along with his hard mixed routes are Scott’s lasting climbing legacy, mirroring his life: ephemeral, beautiful and forged by winter.

But a life, even a climber’s life is not simply a ticklist of first ascents and notable routes. It is measured more truly by the impact it has on others and, in that respect, Scott lived a life beyond measure. The impression he left on us is still felt and will be for a long time to come.

“I am intrigued by the unknown. I love not knowing if the route will go.”


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