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Kristine Cruse

Based in the Wirral, North Wales and the Lake District, Kristine runs KC Mountaineering where she offers guiding, team building and winter mountaineering courses. When not working within the British Isles, Kristine can be found on expeditions. In the past these have included climbs in Nepal, Canada and Bolivia.

For a warm winter jacket the Nebula cannot be beaten. I picked out this jacket in August, being my favourite colour and looking so smart and warm I was desperate to wear it. I took it in on every outing to the mountains, but the weather stayed too warm. Once the cooler weather of Autumn started arriving I was very happy.

For autumn and winter weather in the UK this jacket is a must. Warm and cozy, it is definitely a ‘happy place’ jacket. No matter what is going on, or how foul the weather, I’m always pleased to put it on.

Kristine testing the Nebula Jacket out in Scotland. Kristine testing the Nebula Jacket out in Scotland.

I carry it in winter to wear on belays and summits, for both work and pleasure. It fits snugly into its left pocket and features a loop to clip to your harness. The large pockets can be accessed when wearing a harness, which I’ve found to be extremely useful. Although the Nebula looks like a down jacket, it is actually synthetic, so will still keep you nice and warm in wet weather. I've put this jacket through its paces in some very wet conditions and it continues to perform as well as ever.

I love the big hood that fits comfortably over a helmet, which is very useful when out climbing. The high collar with fleece lining keeps you warm and doesn’t rub on your chin like I’ve found with some other jackets.

Left: Pertex Endurance outer fabric. Right: Helmet compatible hood with flexible polymer peak. Left: Pertex Endurance outer fabric. Right: Helmet compatible hood with flexible polymer peak.

A common feature in Rab Jackets, which I have grown really fond of, are the slightly longer arms, which easily pull over your hands. The elasticated cuffs mean that it will also sit comfortably at your wrists without any bulkiness, so you get the best of both worlds. The chunky zip looks snazzy and is easy to work with gloves on. The slim fits means you don’t look or feel like the Michelin Man!

The Nebula should be worn as your outer layer, however it fits true to size so you can confidently buy your normal size and still fit warm layers underneath.

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