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Earlier this year, we reported on Will Copestake’s progress on his Winter round of the Scottish Corbetts. As of this past weekend, we are excited to confirm that Will has completed the full round, reaching his final summit with a large team of friends and supporters.

Generally considered to be as tough a proposition as their higher 3000ft counterparts, the Munros, the Corbett mountains are wilder, less trodden and far more widely scattered. For the Corbett journey Will introduced a novel ‘crowdsourcing’ element, with an open invite for people to join him on any of the legs. Tackling the Corbetts in a single winter is not the first time Will has ventured into the mountains during Scotland’s colder months. Following his 2013/14 solo circumnavigation of Scotland by kayak he tackled all 282 Munros in a continual winter round.

This time Will’s focus was less on personal discovery and more toward inviting others to join him. Over his journey Will was joined by more than 60 strangers and friends who travelled from across the country to explore Scotland with him.

For the entire six months of the journey, Will lived inside his small transit van, climbing mountains almost every day from the 1st of November 2016. With a milder than average winter, Will tackled many of the mountains by bicycle or as runs – though true Winter conditions did return for the final part of his journey.

At Rab, we are continually impressed by Will’s ability to find inspiration and adventure in his own backyard, exploring Scotland in novel and exciting ways. We’re even more excited to see him bringing others along for the ride and, hopefully, inspiring them to greater challenges in the mountains. Will is already on to the next adventure and hopes to continue exploring Scotland for the remainder of the year through his work as a freelance guide.

You can follow Will on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Whether it's paddling in South America or battling wind and snow in his native Scotland, Will Copestake is on a constant quest for adventure. Big or small doesn't matter, but challenging and original are always best in Will's book and his unique brand of wilderness challenge has earned him not only notoriety, but also the UK Adventurer of the Year Award.