Born in Iran, Nasim started climbing at the age of 23. She had always been keen on sport, having competed in the heptathlon, swimming, handball and kick boxing. But when she discovered climbing, something changed. Nasim describes it as having found the “thing that makes her truly happy”. She soon gave up the other sports, but carried on rock climbing, finding a particular joy in traditional climbing and alpinism.

Eager to explore the world and the climbing outside of her homeland, Nasim left Iran; taking trips to Turkey, Oman, Armenia and Georgia. “I didn't want to be the best in a small community” she says, though competition has never been the main attraction for her. “All I want is to push my limit while having fun. Onsighting or projecting, it makes no difference. It’s all just a different mind-set”.

During this period, Nasim spent three months every winter living and climbing in Antalya, Turkey. A popular destination with western climbers, it was here that she heard more about the climbing in Europe. It was the obvious next destination. With the help of friends, she secured a Visa for European travel and was soon roaming the whole continent, exploring as many rock types and styles of climbing as she could.

More recently, Nasim’s focus has turned towards the greater ranges and the unclimbed peaks that they offer. However, for much of the year she still lives and works in Iran, her trips dependent on her work as a climbing instructor. She most enjoys taking climbers outdoor climbing for the first time and showing them the joy to be found in real rock. “My favourites are young girls from 5 years old and above. Despite living in such a traditional and religious country I like to look beyond gender, religion…etc. I hope that through my efforts I can inspire anyone and I know that I have opened routes others thought impossible and encouraged men to try them by doing so.”

Notable ascents:

  • First free ascent of The "Hamedani Route” on the Alamkooh wall, Iran.
  • Established and first ascent of the multi-pitch (7b+/5.12c) ‘A Girl for All Seasons’, Iran
  • Second ascent and First Female Ascent of "Mr nobody (8b+/5.14a), Iran