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Born into a family of passionate skiers in Germany, Philipp was lucky to start skiing at the young age of three. Half German, half Spanish, Philipp has lived most of his life in Spain, where he grew up studying Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Industrial Economics. Currently, he works in Project Management in Barcelona.

But apart from his professional life, he was always moved by two main passions: skiing and the art of documenting adventures. He was always the kid that would join any kind of outdoor action activity with a camera in hand, his goal being coming home with photos and videos that conveyed the thrill of what he was seeing, so when he started Freeriding and spending more time in ungroomed terrain, it was only natural that he would start taking pictures of mountain adventures as well. Nowadays he works as a photographer, filmmaker and creative director on the side.

During the outbreak of COVID-19 he found himself stranded in his living room in Barcelona instead of skiing through La Grave with his family, which left him more anxious to ski than normal. Add this to the #RabAtHome competition that Rab launched and you have the perfect recipe for what happened next: Philipp created one of the most viral videos during the lockdown, representing a skier that wakes up on the side of a mountain, skins up, climbs up some ice and reaches the summit to take a selfie. On the way down, the skiing is just perfect. At one point, he even dares to make a backflip off a cliff… which does not end well. But fear not, Philipp is not stuck in the snow deep in the backcountry, he actually hasn’t left his living room, staging all this adventure through stop motion and creativity.