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Kevin Shields is a Scottish based all-round climber, well known for his solo climbing over the past decade with routes up to E7 and M10+, all done with one hand and epilepsy. Kev continues to push his grades in all aspects of his climbing and now, being based back in Fort William he has the perfect playground right on his doorstep.

Kev started climbing with no expectations but after climbing for a week on Ben Nevis in winter with Scott Muir and reading Kiss Or Kill by Mark Twight his outlook on life changed irrevocably.

“My plans for the future are to simply push my climbing as far as I can, I’m almost lucky in being a disabled climber as what I’m doing always feels like a new chapter. I have plans to go to the Himalayas but in the meantime there’s so much to achieve here in Scotland or in my other favourite climbing destination, Northern Ireland.” – Kev

Notable Ascents:

  • First disabled person to enter the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup
  • Fast & Furious (D10) - solo
  • Firestone (E7 6b) - solo
  • Cu Sith (E7 6c) - first ascent
  • The Rebellion (E6 6b) - first ascent
  • Lit Paralympic torch on Ben Nevis