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  • Alpine Vielseitig, Klein verpackbar
  • Andes Infinium Extreme Bedingungen, TILT
  • Ascent Allgemeine Nutzung, Bequem
  • Expedition Expeditionsgebrauch, Extreme Bedingungen
  • Mythic Ultraleicht, Klein verpackbar
  • Neutrino Leicht, Klein verpackbar
  • Outpost Vielseitig, Allgemeine Nutzung
  • Solar Synthetic Insulation, Vielseitig


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Climbing for the climate
Climbing Alpinism Roeland van Oss

Climbing for the climate

Inspired to take action on climate change after an awakening at Everest, Rab athlete Roeland van Oss sets himself the challenge of climbing all 4000m peaks in the Alps, while connecting the climbs by bicycle.
Everest | Failing in Style
Mountaineering Alpinism Roeland van Oss

Everest | Failing in Style

Decision-making in the mountains is difficult. Do we continue? Do we go back down? When faced with illness, high winds, and doubt, what would you do if the summit was in reach?