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  • Alpine Vielseitig, Klein verpackbar
  • Andes Infinium Extreme Bedingungen, TILT
  • Ascent Allgemeine Nutzung, Bequem
  • Expedition Expeditionsgebrauch, Extreme Bedingungen
  • Mythic Ultraleicht, Klein verpackbar
  • Neutrino Leicht, Klein verpackbar
  • Outpost Vielseitig, Allgemeine Nutzung
  • Solar Synthetic Insulation, Vielseitig


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The team, smiling, on the summit of the North Tower, with beautiful mountain vistas, lakes, and blue skies behind them.
Climbing Erik Weihenmayer

Valle del Silencio 3: Testing Partnership in Patagonia

Erik and Felipe’s much-anticipated trip to Torres del Paine has finally arrived, but now if they are to have any chance of success they must contend with unpredictable weather, long glacier approaches, and howling winds.