Our women’s waterproof jackets are designed to keep the very worst weather at bay. From the early days Rab Carrington was a proponent of new technologies and constantly searching for new fabrics to make gear lightweight and packable, yet functional for mountain environments.

We continue this careful research and innovation to this day, crafting breathable waterproof shell jackets that keep the rain out while allowing perspiration to escape. Staying comfortable whilst on the move in damp conditions can be tricky, therefore our waterproof jackets combine the best technologies (including eVent®, Pertex Shield® and Proflex™), construction techniques and style to ensure performance is maintained even in the most adverse winter conditions. Whatever your chosen activity or destination, we have women’s waterproof shells to suit your needs; from the soft and supple Pertex Shield™ range to the classic and robust eVent® jackets, complete with the original direct venting membrane.

  1. Outer Fabric: eVent® DValpine™
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  1. Women's Muztag DV Jacket

    Women's Muztag DV Jacket

    Lightweight, waterproof, and exceptionally breathable, the Women's Muztag DV Jacket is designed for climbers in harsh alpine environments and Scottish winter conditions.
  2. Women's Ladakh DV Jacket

    Women's Ladakh DV Jacket

    Breathable and highly durable, the Women's Ladakh DV Jacket is a fully featured waterproof for all round mountain use when winter hill walking, munro bagging, and scrambling.
  3. Women's Ladakh DV Pants

    Women's Ladakh DV Pants

    Lightweight and waterproof, the Women's Ladakh DV Pants are designed for winter hill walking, scrambling and all-round mountain use.