Sleeping bags are firmly where we started and they remain a core part of our range to this day. Back in the 1970's when Rab Carrington was making down sleeping bags in Buenos Aires, he probably didn't imagine that 40 years later sleeping bags with his name on them would be used all over the world in some of the most beautiful yet hostile environments.

To this day, we hand-fill our down insulated sleeping bags at our factory in Derbyshire, UK. This allows us to know for definite that, by the time our bags reach our customers, they have never been compressed or stored in a way which could be harmful to the down inside. Our lightweight, packable sleeping bag options are ideal for alpine climbers, mountaineering trips or general winter conditions due to their compact and excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. Both 3 season and 4 season sleeping bags are available with hydrophobic down and synthetic fill options.

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  1. Silk Mummy S/Bag Liner

    Silk Mummy S/Bag Liner

    Mummy shaped sleeping bag liner, designed to add comfort and protection to your bag, for use in technical sleeping bags.
  2. Silk Std S/Bag Liner

    Silk Std S/Bag Liner

    Standard rectangular sleeping bag liner, designed to add comfort and protect your bag.