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With temperatures hovering around zero and the limestone crags of the UK still dripping with the last of the winter weather, early Spring has become a time of pilgrimage for many British sport climbers. The warmer weather and world-class climbing available just a short-haul flight away in Spain tempt hundreds of climbers to Catalonia and the southern coast to sample the incredible landscapes, like minded company and athletic routes.

This draw isn’t limited to those based in the UK, and this season, it pulled Jacob Cook, Bronwyn Hodgins and their friend Hayden Jamieson all the way across the Atlantic to share in the experience.

At a crag like Oliana with so many challenging routes, more of your time is spent on the ground rather than the wall.

“With such a motivated and strong international community of climbers at Oliana, we were constantly in awe of the generosity and support from everybody at the cliff. This all goes to show that the Spanish climbing mantra of “a muerte” is embodied every single day.” – Hayden Jamieson

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