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“It’s all about balance, so for me if you remove the playing part and the training part, I don’t think the houses I design would be as nice. The thing that’s always been consistent for me is my passion for skiing.”

As a qualified architect and an accomplished ski mountaineer, Mel Bernier is a consummate professional in all aspects of her life. Based in Whistler, Canada, Mel has some of the wildest skiing in British Columbia on her doorstep. It’s the perfect location for Mel’s work, play and training to co-exist.

In ‘Fulfilment’ Mel explains how she keeps her work-life balance equal, how self-employment facilitates a flexible training schedule and how she channels everything toward achieving her goals. Her drive and commitment to be the best at what she does is reflected in her tenacity in squeezing every opportunity out of her working day, even if it does take a few coffees to get going!

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