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Tamar Valkenier is a true inspiration when it comes to exploring this world in its wildest and most remote areas. Be it a two year solo bike-packing trip through Europe, Australia and Indonesia; a five months solo expedition through the Mongolian Altai mountains with her own horse, camel and dog; a three month hunting trip in New Zealand or a traverse of the Jordan desert with the aid of a donkey – Tamar is always looking for the pure and wild way of exploring unknown places.

“I am infinitely interested in the world and all it has to offer. Both culture-wise and nature-wise. Therefore, I am constantly keen to try something totally unfamiliar, pushing my physical and mental limits, learning new skills and discovering new places.”

In 2015, Tamar retired from her job as an Investigative Psychologist with the Dutch National Police at the age of 28, to spend all her time adventuring around the globe. “Somehow I am attracted to more and more remote wilderness and the peoples that manage to live in such harsh but beautiful places.” She spent time with Bedouines, nomads, aboriginals, indigenous Canadians, reindeer herders and Maasai warriors to train with them, soak up their knowledge, and travel the way they used to do. In articles, presentations and by working as a wilderness guide and survival instructor, she shares the knowledge and skills she learned.

In the last years, Tamar developed a special interest in arctic expeditions and is preparing an unsupported crossing of Sarek National Park (November 2020), as well as a traverse of the entire length of Lake Baikal on ice skates and skis (March 2021).

Notable Achievements

  • Two year solo bike-packing trip
  • 5 months Altaj traverse with own horse, camel and dog
  • 3 month hunting expedition New Zealand Alps
  • Jordan traverse with own donkey
  • Survival training Canadian Rocky Mountains
  • Maasai warrior training in Kenya

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