A Lonely Fight Taken to the Limit

The only thing I could do was give it my best shot. That’s why, against all odds, rather than going back down, I decided to get out of the first bivouac at around 20,000 feet and climb up the Nameless Tower. The day before had gone well: I had managed to climb 1,312 ft. from Camp 5 despite having seriously… Read more »


Pedro Cifuentes

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Kendal Mountain Festival 2015


We’re really excited about this year’s Kendal Mountain Festival and we’ve got more going on than ever! The Rab Party No Kendal weekend would be complete without the (infamous) Rab Party at the Brewery Arts Centre. Dance shoulder to shoulder, and share a bar, with all of the inspiring climbers, mountaineers, runners and adventurers you’ve been listening to in lecture… Read more »

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The Final Round

Tom Randall on Ilam Rock

Dovedale is a sleepy limestone dale which borders the peaceful Dove river for several miles. It attracts huge numbers of walkers and anglers, but the weird and wonderful climbing remains relatively unpopular. As well as a few more conventional walls, the local limestone is best known for the huge caves and pillars dotted around the river. Although on all but… Read more »

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The Lesson


Nine months have gone by since the accident. A small piece of a sedimentary rock, created many millions of years ago waited patiently. On the 21st of December 2014, my left hand decided to grab it. A simple act, a simple gesture and…all my future plans changed drastically, violently. Stones do not think, they’re just there. After all these months… Read more »

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Kandersteg Trilogy – “Hard Pitches Only”

Zee place

Two years ago the person who is in my opinion the veritable king of dry tooling, Robert Jasper, climbed a completely mind blowing route in the famous cave at Breitwangflue. The video showed a second pitch which traversed a proper roof, which got me seriously psyched. An article appeared in Rock and Ice describing the route as a ‘Scarefest’ and… Read more »

Jeff Mercier

Jeff Mercier

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Behind the Scenes – Scotland shoot

Matt’s shadow selfie with the drone strapped to his rucksack

Filming in the winter is never easy. It’s already a challenge looking after yourself and those around you, so when you throw a film shoot in to the mix you have to factor a lot more in to the equation. Earlier this year we went up to Glen Coe to make a short film about Matt and Alan Sharman, a… Read more »

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A Busy Summer


So end of June and beginning of July, I successfully passed the guides entrance test. I’m very happy because I trained hard this winter for skiing and then for the summer test too. I also had to make choices and climb less on rock and ice – it was hard sometimes but necessary. No regrets! And this year I will do what… Read more »

Sylvain Thiabaud

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Austrian Granite with a Twist of Lime

Rest day walk

I’m just back from a quick trip to the Tirol area of Austria. We only had 8 days, but it was well worth the 14 hour drive to get there. I really loved being up in the mountains, and the climbing was excellent. We spent a few days sport climbing on the limestone, and the rest of the time on… Read more »


Jules Littlefair

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Rab Mountain Marathon 2015 Preview

Rab Mountain Marathon

The Rab Mountain Marathon is fast approaching and this year we expect the event to be better than ever. Since it first started, the event has always been known as the friendly mountain marathon with hardened veterans running shoulder to shoulder with first timers. It has always been kept small to maintain the atmosphere and allow the race to access… Read more »

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The Karakoram Project

Trango Towers, Baltoro Glacier

Year three of my four-year project to photograph the Karakoram Mountains saw some dramatic conditions during this year’s trips. The region experienced very late snows with significant accumulations on the big peaks. My original plan was to make two trips when I was out there – the first to the Charakusa Valley followed an expedition that would follow up the… Read more »

Colin Prior

Colin Prior

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